Putting in the miles

My schedule is uncluttered this morning so I decided to spend a few extra minutes at the gym on a longer run. My thingumbobber said I ran 4.4 miles in 51 minutes, and the treadmill said it was 4, but either way that was the longest solid run I’ve done in a long time, and I’m feeling good about increasing my mileage. It also felt really nice to put my brain in neutral for a while. (Now: eat some advil and try to avoid an exertion migraine.)

I had some HGTV show about people buying tiny houses on the TV on front of me, and it was truly maddening. The first couple, the husband was a total dink and kept insisting on things like "I have to have a full-height ceiling in my office" and "we have to be able to have a king-size bed in here". Dude, you’re buying a 400 square foot house on a trailer– manage your expectations. The other one was a traveling nurse who really should’ve just bought an RV. But whatever, just my opinion man.

In case you didn’t notice, I’m a little grumpy today. Tomorrow I have a concert to go to in a small standing-room venue, and being shoved around in a crowd makes me angry, especially when I’m a bad mood to begin with. Let’s hope my mood improves for tomorrow…

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