Ain’t got time to be grump (but I am anyway)

I had morning meetings, so the gym was item #1 when I got to work, to get it out of the way. I actually lifted a little bit– squats, bench, OHP– and then hit the elliptical for 30 minutes to get some active recovery on my calves. I had to pack two sets of gym clothes thanks to logistical issues that keep me from taking my bag home tonight; I feel kind of gross for leaving the soggy used set in my locker.

About a year ago I took a week of project management training and I thought it was pretty cool. I managed one of my boss’ projects last year and that went well enough. This year, my boss wants me to manage three– one of which is a high-visibility, big-deal product. (I also have another project that was my own proposal– so that’d be 4 total.) I’m not so happy about this.

First: (damnit, Jim,) I’m a scientist, not a project manager. The more PM I do, the less time I have for the science work that is 75% of my job. I suppose I should just pull that extra time out of thin air, eh? (Soon I’ll be putting together my work plan for next year and that’s going to trigger some tough discussions…)

Second: I feel like my job has become making sure my boss has his shit together. But my boss is, well, a manager. Shouldn’t he be able to handle making sure his projects are on track? He’s passing more and more of the task tracking and admin stuff to me, because he’d rather be working on the fun science he likes and refused to give up when he got shoved into management. I get to be the one that nags him when he’s a month behind on emails, and the one that reminds him of meetings because he won’t use his calendar. Fun.

Third: I have one week of training, and one project’s worth of experience, and this is hard and I don’t know what the heck I’m doing and I don’t have any support. I’ve been trying to read books and learn things but honestly I need like a PM apprenticeship. I mean, I’m dealing with things like "What do you do when you’re managing a project that was proposed/approved without consulting with you, and has dependencies that probably mean half of the deliverables are impossible to deliver?" It would be nice if I had someone to talk to about this stuff, but I’m flying blind.

Anyway, that’s enough work rant for today…

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4 Responses to Ain’t got time to be grump (but I am anyway)

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    LOL, I just had a conversation with my boss about doing PM work for my organization. He’s like, “How will you find the time?” and I’m like, “No, INSTEAD of what I’m doing now.” smh, airs out of thin air.

    • G says:

      How come no one thinks about how much time PM is? Argh!

      As if we can make sure that everything goes smoothly, in no time at all. I want to get into *that* business…

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    *hours out of thin air

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