Cardio Queen of Sore Calves

I didn’t write about it, but yesterday evening after work I went to the gym to try to get a quick workout in before heading home. I started on the treadmill and got about 3/4 mile. I asked myself, "why do my calves and feet hurt so much? wtf?" and then I remember that I spent the night before standing for hours in uncomfy boots at a show, and I didn’t get much sleep. Recovery, what’s that? Anyway, I finished off that workout with another 30 minutes on the dang elliptical before running to the train in my sweaty gym clothes.

Today my calves felt marginally better, and I plodded out 3 miles on the stupid treadmill, adding another 15 minutes on the stupid elliptical after that. I tried to stretch some afterwards but I’m not sure how much that’ll help. Tomorrow is a rest day due to a family reunion with my husband’s family, so maybe I can get another, longer run in on Sunday and my legs will be able to handle it.

I’m feeling some self-inflicted pressure for this family reunion, since I am newly married into it. Do I need to bring an impressive dessert? I’m planning on making cherry cobbler with the last of this spring’s tart cherries that I stashed in the freezer. Those cherries are effing precious, all right? I feel like that’s plenty fancy, so hopefully it goes over well. This will probably be a chance to spend time with the extended family that couldn’t travel to the wedding (which is most of them) so maybe we should bring pictures too…


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I'm running while fat. And learning other fun ways to honor my body.
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