Training experiment

Another treadmill 3 miles this morning. Since the turkey trot 5k is about 8 weeks out, it’s time to start a proper training cycle to get faster. (Last year I set a PR, so hey maybe I can beat it this year!)

I’ve been using the Nike+ suite of stuff since the shoe sensor days (2011!) and one of the new features that they added in their last update is an adaptive coach thing. Why not, let’s see how it works…

So it asked me a bunch of questions: how far away is the race, what distance is it, how much I’m running now, how many days I want to run a week, and the everpresent height/weight/gender question. I told it a conservative 10 miles/week and 4-5 runs and it generated a schedule. This is the first week:

As you might have noticed, I did not stick to the plan today. 15 minute runs? What even is that? Maybe Nike+ doesn’t realize that some of us are 12:00ish pace runners and that a 1.25 mile run isn’t going to be very helpful training for a 5k. Maybe this is like a ‘warmup’ week and it’ll ramp up? (I peeked ahead and it scheduled some 30-minute "long runs". Hah.) So yeah, this should be interesting.

In a couple days I have a "benchmark" run where it’ll test my pace and stuff and supposedly re-work everything to fit. We’ll see what happens. In the meanwhile, though, I’m probably going to run some extra miles to keep my endurance up. Screwing with the plan from Day One…

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