Mad season

"Rest" was on my training schedule for today, so I did a bit of everything for a nice upper body/active recovery day: 5 minute running warmup, followed by 3×5 bench, 2×10 OHP, biceps and triceps, and then a good, long session of yoga focusing on stretching out my tight hips. I even managed to quiet my brain for a nice, restorative shavasana.

The weather here is unsettled and I’m starting to feel the odd pull I always do in fall, my delusional season. I’m not being hyperbolic; for some reason everything feels weird and not-quite-real, as if I might trip and fall into another world. This, coupled with a double whammy of anniversary grief between October and November, means I need to be a little gentler with my brain for a while.

One of my most vivid memories from the beginning of grad school– when everything else was a blur of classes and homework and research and sleepless nights– was walking around campus in a storm, agitated and certain that the wind and trees were trying to tell me something. Funny how the memories that stuck were the ones with the least reality to them. I finally started meds shortly after that…

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1 Response to Mad season

  1. Fall is my favorite season, always has been. I’m so glad that there is finally a chill (some days) to the air, and the smell of the leaves is just perfect!

    Also, not sure if it was, but I love the reference to the MB20 song. I hope you can take it easy on your mind (easier said that done), maybe some more yoga, even on days it’s not in your training plan, will help to quiet things.

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