Supafast! (or something)

The app said today’s workout was 10 minutes tempo. Well, I’m not going to run for just 10 minutes (besides, don’t I need a warmup and a cooldown?) So I structured a treadmill run today where I warmed up for 5 minutes, ran my 10 minutes fast, and then ran another 20 minutes slowly again.

The fast part was legit fast for me: the average pace was 10’35", I started at 12”00" and I rapidly progressed to a 10’00" pace. Interestingly, I felt not terrible, like I could have sustained it for a while longer. Which probably means two things: 1) if I keep this up, I’ll be in good shape for my race; and 2) I need to run my tempo runs faster! (The 20 minutes after that was not as fun, though.)

I think I’ve figured out my sleep issues. I bought a pack of really comfy earplugs to sleep in, and I haven’t had any problems sleeping since I started using them. So yep, it was just my husband’s loud face keeping me up. I’ve gotten used to sleeping with the earplugs in, but my earholes are starting to get a little irritated– and sweating with my earbuds in isn’t helping either. Maybe I need an over-the-ear headphone style to wear at work.

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