Unrepresentative steps

Since I had a speed workout yesterday and I have a speed workout scheduled tomorrow (5×400 intervals, woo) I actually stuck to the prescribed recovery run today: 15 minutes at a leisurely pace. I followed that up with some biceps, triceps, and crunches and finished with nice stretchy yogas.

It’s so hard to get the stank out of my workout clothes :( I pulled my freshly washed shirt and capris out of my gym bag and they were still rather smelly. Looks like I’m going to have to dig into my arsenal of tools– first Oxyclean, and then if that doesn’t work they get thrown into the hot water bleach load (this is okay for my cheap wicking tanks, but not for leggings or sports bras). I don’t mind being stinky when I’m done with my workout, but I don’t want to be stinky before I’ve started!

I’ve been getting back into crocheting lately. I finally finished a little afghan that I’d been working on for 15 years– it turned out okay, it’s not perfect but it’s a perfectly cromulent afghan and I’m giving it to a friend for her birthday. Then, riding that momentum I started a new one– this has given my husband an excuse to binge some tv, since I’m happy hooking while he watches his shows. But the step tracker on my watch keeps registering the flicking of my wrist as I work as steps, telling me that I’ve walked 11+ miles each day. Nope, it’s just a lot of afghan…

Hope she likes it!

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