Butt-kicking intervals

Today’s workout was 5x400m with 2:00 rest in between the intervals. It’s not how I’ve run intervals in the past– usually I do either 1:1 or 1:2 depending on the length of the run I want; today was more like 1:0.8. So on the plus side, it was relatively short!

But it was a Buttkicker. I ran the fast intervals at 10’00”, which was right at the edge of what I could hang onto for a quarter mile, and since the recovery intervals were so short I was right back into it. But I feel good about it! I’m feeling a LOT faster lately, so hopefully it’s a good sign. After my intervals were done I cooled down for 5 minutes (there was a 2-minute warmup in there too), about 30 minutes of running overall.

My pace in last year’s Thanksgiving race was around 11:35, which was RIDONK fast for me; like a minute per mile faster than my second-fastest 5k pace That’s what I’m trying to beat this year! And my parents are coming to visit for Thanksgiving, so maybe I’ll have them there to cheer me on. :)

And oh, I almost forgot to mention: today is flu shot day. While ugh immune response, I’m looking forward to a vastly increased probability of not getting sick this year. Yay!

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