Busy day off

I’m one of those lucky folks who get Dia de la Raza off (not using the other name, thanks) so theoretically today should’ve been a nice third day of the weekend. In practice, it was exhausting.

I started the day with a “long run” according to the plan, 3o minutes on the monotonic up-down route. It was pretty good. I had a strong run and, despite sore calves, made good time. I fought my way up the hills, too.

Then, it was time to run errands. I showered, ate a little breakfast, and headed to a far-away mall to take my wedding rings in to be soldered together (the jewelry store the rings come from doesn’t have any nearby stores).

Then, since it was in the neighborhood, I’d decided to take my birthday reg in to the scuba store and buy an octopus and gauge to complete the setup. I spent a discouragingly large amount of money on those pieces– scuba gear is expensive!! I was hoping to buy a BCD too but it was not in the budget today. The shop lady said that they’d put the pieces together but it’d be like an hour.

So I drove across this unfamiliar town to pick up some sewing stuff and then came back. The shop guy, who does all the equipment maintenance, gave me my kit back and, with a deadly concerned look on his face, told me my reg was only a warm-water reg and it would freeze in water below 10C. While that is an important piece of information to have, I’m not planning on diving in water that cold anytime soon! It was kind of him to warn me though, especially since my husband just bought the darn thing on Amazon (I’d had it in rental gear and really liked it, so he bought me one as a gift) which is not generally the way one wants to acquire scuba gear.

So finally I dragged my tired, frazzled self home. Had a snack; feel better now. Now it’s time to do some laundry and work on a sewing project. Definitely not a lazy day.

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