Little tempo run

Today’s scheduled workout was a 1 mile tempo run. I added 0.25 mile to warm up, and 15 minutes to cool down after. The thingumbobber said to do the hard part at 12:12 pace; I ran it just slightly faster but it wasn’t that hard (not even "comfortably hard"). Part of the discrepancy might be that I did the last benchmark test outside in Hill Hell but I’m running most of the workouts on a treadmill. I added some incline to the treadmill today. Perhaps my next benchmark run on Friday will help adjust it– and in upcoming weeks the distances are increasing a fair bit so it’ll get tougher.

This training plan is the exact inverse of what I usually do. My previous training plans focused on training endurance, and added speed work gradually. This one jumps in with short runs and plenty of speed work, and gradually adds distance. I guess we’ll see which one works better! For what it’s worth, I feel like I’m getting a better sense of pace this way.

Lately at work I’ve been in Time Zone Purgatory– trying to schedule meetings with folks located all over the world. My 4pm meeting is their 7am meeting. Ouch! I don’t mind calling into things later into the evening when I’m at home if I need to, but this is what my colleague overseas suggested…

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