Benchmark #2

Capped the week with the second of the benchmark runs. The conditions today are similar to last time, and I ran on the same route, so aside from having significantly more tired legs everything is about the same. (This is the 5th day in a row of running! Looking forward to taking a couple days off, even if it’s an “off” of walking around all weekend.)

So just to orient, the benchmark run is a 7 minute easy warmup, 3 minutes of all-out running (so minutes 7-10 are fast) and a 5 minute cooldown. I screenshotted the fast part for comparison, and put the time cursor on the fastest bit.

Today I was slightly faster, and I held onto that burst of speed for a leeetle bit longer and also managed to get a little faster as the 3 minutes wore on. (As you can see by the blue elevation line, the fast part also corresponds to a hill. Annoying! It’s a much bigger hill, but I always turn around after the fast interval.) I suppose I can call this a small improvement. I’m in the early stages of training now, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!

Now, I’m going to finish my Friday work day then run a couple errands. Last night I was making good progress on my latest sewing project– a pretty knit dress– and wasn’t paying attention and ran out of dang thread. It’s like 85% done! Argh! So I have to stop at Joanns. And I need to pick my wedding rings up from the jeweler, they’re getting soldered together, but traffic is going to suck getting up there…

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