Black cloud

I’m making a stinkface at my workout today. STINKFACE. I brought the wrong shoes, had a crappy run, then dropped my Apple watch and broke it. Good job me.

My current running shoes are pair #3 of the same style, and I rotate new ones in as the old ones wear out. Pair #1 has long since been tossed, but pair #2 is out of service for running but I keep them around for a comfy shoe. I accidentally tossed #2 into my bag today and it made a big difference– ugh my calves and hamstrings! It turned my easy 2.25 mile recovery run into a sore legs battle. I ran it faster than the prescribed pace just to keep from dragging out the pain.

And then after my shower I fumbled my watch and dropped it on the locker room’s tile floor and it cracked. It was a hand-me-down from my husband (he got a new one, I got the old one) and frankly, I never really thought it was that useful anyway so I don’t think I’m going to bother having it fixed (it would cost $250!) It was clunky and heavy and it pestered me 100 times a day but I didn’t get much out of it– even the activity tracker features weren’t very good so meh. I won’t miss it, but I’m still annoyed at myself for having broken it.

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