10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag

Today’s technically a rest day, but I am awful and that’s just an excuse to do something besides running. This morning was a buffet of varied lifting (OHP, back extensions, YTWLs, one-armed clean and press), some time on the rowing machine, and a boring 30 minutes of ellipticalling while reading a tourism magazine about Hawaii. I miss lifting. I’ll do some casual benching/OHP/upper body stuff but I’m wary of anything that would leave me with DOMS (ahem, squats/deadlift) that could derail a running workout.

Work is hectic lately– I’m preparing for a conference while juggling a couple deadlines and a few projects. Lately I’ve had a bad habit of getting projects to 90% and then dropping them and it’s driving me nuts to have them sitting there unfinished. Argh!

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