badass tempo run

Have I mentioned I love tempo runs? I love tempo runs! Nothing makes me feel like a total badass as much as hanging on to a fast pace for longer than I thought I could. Today’s schedule called for a 1.75 mile tempo interval. (This is another reason I don’t get this plan at all. None of the runs have been longer than 30 minutes timed or 2.25 miles long, and now it throws people into a tempo interval that’s almost as long as what was a "long run"? Does that seem odd to anyone else?)

I started with an easy 5 minute warmup plod, then cranked the treadmill up. The plan called for a 12’12" pace (apparently it sets this based on my benchmark run) but I anticipated that wouldn’t be hard enough so I went a little faster and made sure to use a little incline on the treadmill to imitate an outdoor run. After a mile, I turned it up even faster, and then it got hard. :) Overall pace for the interval was 11’37". I finished it off with another half mile cooldown, stretched and felt pretty good as I headed to the showers. Sometimes running fast feels easier than running more slowly! I don’t know why that is.

Well, at the very least this plan is instilling some confidence in my speed…

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