Vanity muscles

Short recovery run today, just 1.25 miles. I finished that in 16 minutes, and then took advantage of the leftover time to get in a couple sets of arms/back/core lifting work. Bench, biceps, lateral raises, OHP and crunches went fine. But the sets on the assisted pull-up machine for pull-ups and dips were unexpectedly brutal, even with a 50% BW assist. I haven’t done those for a while! And I’m not any closer to an unassisted pull-up than I ever was…

So my Nike running app thing likes to have Kevin Hart congratulate me after I finish a run? I didn’t know he was one of those celebrity fitness people but I guess he is. Yesterday I watched an interview where he was asked what the body part he was most proud of his work on was. Kevin Hart, being just that kind of guy, said he was most proud of his mental game.

So today after Kevin Hart cheered me on, I was thinking about my own most proud body part. Despite being strong as an ox I don’t have a lot of definition so it’s hard for me to pin down a vanity muscle that I like. But I think I would pick my back– despite the layer of padding, the muscles stand out impressively, and it does a great job of supporting me every day. I think I owe it a massage.

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