A good long run

My plan today called for a long run that was actually a bit of a longer run this time: 3.5 miles at a slow 13’35” pace. I set out without being sure if I was going to be able to have a solid run through the whole thing– it’s been a while since I did an outdoor run this long on the big hills without taking walk breaks.

But it turned out I didn’t need to worry: I ran straight through the whole thing, 12’49” pace and no problems. Well, aside from tripping and falling on my face at the end of my run. But still! Big confidence gain for the 5k coming up.

Yesterday I was supposed to do some random Nike club workout, which was basically 15 minutes of active stretching focused on the hips, glutes and quads. One exercise in particular was an especially good stretch for me, this thing called a “hip cradle“. But it left my hips super sore! I’ve been whining about it all day. Obviously I need to do it more.

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