Long runs and problematic scents

Wednesday is going to be extra hectic, so I moved my 4 mile long run to today. Sigh… I forgot how tedious long runs on the treadmill are; it was ~52 minutes of staring at HGTV and zoning out listening to a Zombies, Run! episode. But it was a good solid run, definitely un-fun on my tired legs but I hung in there. I really want to take a nap now… hopefully lunch will perk me up.

I was talking with one of the locker room ladies, who was just then recovering from an asthma attack triggered by the new air fresheners that they installed in the gym (she’s all right, just shaken up). The staff were very understanding and immediately removed the automatic sprayers.

My husband and I, we are scent people. Between the two of us, we have many hundreds of dollars worth of fragrances, and wearing our favorites and finding new ones to enjoy is something we love doing. But I rarely wear them anymore; especially at work I worry about people being trapped with a smell that irritates them and often I would have no way of knowing. I do miss them, though.

What’s that saying about my rights ending at the tip of someone else’s nose…

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