Rough day

Today’s run was a rough one. My tired legs did not want to go for 3 miles, but I got them there with a couple walk breaks. I’m considering not doing tomorrow’s scheduled 2.5 miles and resting up for the benchmark run instead. On the one hand, it’s just a little run. On the other hand, I’m beat. Maybe I’ll just run the 2.5 after the benchmark. (Sounds fun eh? Ugh.)

With all the workout crazy and work crazy I’ve been focusing on the one thing I can tweak: sleep. I’m sleeping in the spare room and going to bed an hour early, figuring that the one thing I can do to help myself out is get good rest. My husband is not a big fan of this, but he’s not the one with tired legs and brains now is he?

Work crazy has improved slightly; thanks to all the long days I’ve managed to finish up a bunch of dangling tasks, particularly ones relating to my conference travel next week. But new things keep popping up, particularly outreach-y ones where I’m meeting with folks and representing my office, which is kind of uncomfortable and it’s always a lot of anxiety for me going into them. My boss keeps simultaneously pushing me into these situations while insisting on double-checking everything I do (as slowly as possible, of course, creating this schedule disconnect when I’m trying to work with outside folks). If he can’t trust me to do outreach in an autonomous way, he needs to be the one doing it.

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