need to be a know-it-all

Hey, that’s better! After an early bedtime, a good night of sleep, and getting up 1.5 hours early (boo) I hit the gym first thing in the morning and did that 2.5 miles that I’d been thinking about skipping. It wasn’t so bad, a 30 minute plod. I’m pleased to have gotten it done and out of the way so I can do my 15 minute benchmark tomorrow and say NO MORE until Monday.

I’m in early today because of a perfect storm of early meetings, off-site lunch, and a hair appointment that I need to drive to after work. (Gotta get my hair did before the conference so I don’t look like an overgrown schlub!) I hate driving in. If I leave before 6:15am, it’ll take me 30 minutes; if I leave after that it’ll take me at least an hour.

Since I have tomorrow off (prepping for backpacking trip, yay) I have to make sure I get all the logistical stuff for my trip and the week away done today– lots of things to print and make sure I take with me, and lots of documentation to scour to make sure I can explain it to folks who want to know the fine points of difference between the product I work on and someone else’s similar product. Unfortunately this requires being an expert on not only our product (not a problem) but also allll the other products someone might want to compare it to…

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