Last-minute benchmark

Today we’re running around like headless chickens trying to get ready for our backpacking trip. I have a good checklist and feel reasonably prepared, but my husband is a newbie and I think he’s pretty overwhelmed…

But I also had a benchmark run on the schedule for today, so I had to get that done before we left. Just like the last ones, it was 7 minutes warmup, 3 minutes all out, and 5 minutes cooldown (thankfully it’s short!) I was feeling low on gas today, especially with this being my 6th day in a row of running, but looking at the pace it looks all right.


So it looks like my peak was a little faster today, though I didn’t hold it for as long. The peak speed was 2 minutes into the 3 minute fast interval, but I pooped out after that!

Anyway, I’ll have to give a report on the backpacking trip after we get back. Hopefully my newbie  husband and friend want to go again after this trip :)

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