Tempo runs and hip mobility

I wasn’t looking closely at my plan this morning and it said "1.25 mi". Whaat, that’s barely even a run! That’ll work to ease me back into my plan. Then I looked closely: it’s a tempo run. Maybe that’ll be tougher than I expected… Also, my plan’s "adapted" to the two off weeks by dialing my target pace back for everything: the tempo run target pace was 13’08", AKA a long run pace. I ran it fast, like I was supposed to.

I warmed up for 5 minutes, then got to it. The first 0.75 mi I ran at 11’00", the next 0.25 mi at 10’00", and the last 0.25 mi at a lung-expanding 9’00". It wasn’t that bad, either… leaned more to the "comfortable" side of "comfortably hard".

After that, I cooled down for 10 minutes on the elliptical (no coughing fit today! yay!) and went to stretch. On this plan, there’s a stretching routine that has left my hips sore every time; it’s only prescribed once a week. I’m going to try doing it every day and see what happens! My hips have awful mobility so they’re probably due for an intervention anyway, and it’s only 15 minutes. I did it yesterday and I was sore. I still did it again today.

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