Stretching medicine

Today is the first day of my period so everything sucks. I’m a low-energy lump… but I did manage to get to the gym early for a 1.75mi recovery run (so short! thank goodness) and my weird stretching regimen. Now it’s time to spend the day in meetings and running around, while my uterus beats up on me…

About that stretching regimen: I’m still sore. I’m not sure why I’d think that doing more of it would make me less sore. I can’t tell if my hips are slooowly opening up or if I’m overdoing it. Anyway, this is what’s in there (I’m going to use the names I know, not the names they’ve given them)

Lying big toe pose – 40 sec each side
Lying side T stretch – 40 sec each side
Figure 4 stretch – 40 sec each side
Lunge with reach – 1 minute alternating sides
Lateral lunges – 1 minute alternating
Reverse lunge reaches – 1 minute alternating
Hip cradles – 1 minute alternating
Cobra to Child’s pose – 40 seconds
World’s greatest stretch – 1 minute alternating (I still have not figured this one out yet)
Low lunge – 1 minute each side
YTW – 1 minute

I mean, my hips are chronically tight so this is theoretically good for me. But dang I’m sore.

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