Blue state Thanksgiving

Another recovery run this morning: 2.75 miles prescribed, in 33:44 on the treadmill. I felt tired but okay; I was able to push for a nice progressive pace, but I was ready to be done when I was done. I have tomorrow off (yay!) and then a long run this weekend before I taper to the race next week.

I guess I can air my anxiety about the race here; last year I trained hard and did really well, and this year I haven’t done nearly as much. Last year’s breakthrough was really learning to keep going when I felt uncomfortable– I ran a lot of miles and did a lot of speedwork and when I got to the race I knew what hard was and I could sit with that. This year, not so much! My mileage is lots lower, only a few long runs, and I missed some training, but the upside this year is that I’m faster– but I’m not sure I have the self-knowledge to manage my pace in the race environment and not poop out. We’ll see what happens!

Usually we spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s parents at their house. This year, my parents are driving out for a couple days to join us, which is pretty cool (and it is a big ask for them; they’re missing a giant family holiday in MI and fitting in the short trip around work). My in-laws’ Thanksgiving is usually very traditional but casual– as someone from abroad who married an American, my mother-in-law always does a proper "American" meal, with all the standard dishes. But there’s always rice, and wine and Japanese TV on after dinner (which I enjoy, but I’m not sure if they’ll have it on when my parents visit). I’m kind of looking forward to introducing my parents to a different kind of Thanksgiving than they’re used to.

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3 Responses to Blue state Thanksgiving

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving movie is What’s Cooking. I love how the four families, of different ethnic backgrounds, make such completely different meals, but each is totally American in its own way. Lovely.

    • G says:

      I’ve never seen it! Maybe I should find it streaming somewhere and watch it with my folks :) It sounds heart-warming, which is just what we need.

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