Less than ideal conditions

Of all the weather this weekend, only Saturday morning was forecast to be at all suitable to getting a run in; after that, a cold front is moving in, dropping the temperature by 30 degrees and bringing rain and very high winds. So I had just one chance to get this done!

But last night I had a bit too much to drink (there really wasn’t any reason for it either, we were just sitting at home. don’t know what got into me) and I felt awful when I woke up. Too bad princess; suck it up and get that long run done! Hangovers make terrible excuses anyway, since they’re my own damn fault.

It was a beautiful warm fall morning though, despite my feeling like crap, and I actually had a pretty pleasant run. I deliberately took a slow pace, and I walked up a couple of the biggest hills, but I finished the 4.25 miles in about 54 minutes and felt good, not tired. So I’ll call that a win.

Now it’s time to clean all the things before my parents arrive next week…

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