Itty bitty workout

On Sunday, I checked my workout schedule for the coming week: one workout of 6x200m intervals and one 2 mile recovery run before the race on Thursday, so I planned for that. But today when I got to the gym and opened up the app again, it said I had two 0.75 mile recovery runs instead. Huh?

So instead of running fun, fast sprints I got to do a very short plod. I forgot to put my phone back in treadmill mode, but somehow it worked out and the GPS bouncing around indoors matched up with the treadmill. I don’t even know. After the plod, I did my brutal hip stretching routine again and figured that was enough for a taper day.

I spent the weekend doing a bunch of cleaning and tasks I’d been putting off. The house is fully cleaned up for my parents (this included pissing off my husband by asking him to move a couple of his piles from the living room, and moving all the random stuff from the guest bedroom into the office) and the wedding thank-you cards for my people are written. I’d like my husband to get his portion out soon, but the new Pokemon game came out last week so the odds are not good. At least my family and friends won’t think I’m a rude slacker, which is the part I care about– the rest is on him.

The last things I need to do are to drop off my wedding dress for cleaning (it’s been almost 3 months? eek) and pick up my race packet. And buy stamps!

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