2016 Thanksgiving 5k Race Report

Yay, it’s finally done! My parents are here visiting, so we all got up early and drove out to where the 5k was and they cheered me on while I ran. Best race crew :)

So I wasn’t quite as fast as last year– I was 30 seconds slower, finishing the 5k in 36:14. I’m still happy though– anytime I finish a race faster than 12’00” pace I’m pleased.

I felt pretty strong over all though, and I thought I might be a bit faster this year (even though once I checked the time, I wasn’t). I might have been a little faster in the beginning if there weren’t herds of walkers lined up in front of me?

Anyway, can’t write much, my mom is over here pestering me to know what I’m typing because apparently I’m 15 and she has to know everything I’m doing and I don’t feel like telling her about this blog. Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers, enjoy the day with family and friends!

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