Shameless bribery (with cookies)

Well, if my total-body soreness is any indication, that complex yesterday was effective! Jeez. I even went to bed an hour early to try to get some extra recovery in, but everything still hurts. It’s not a really bad sore– on a scale of 0 to 10, where a 10 is "can’t move zomg", it’s probably about a 3 or 4. But it’s my whole body, which sucks!

Today’s early, quick fit-it-in-before-meetings workout was a brainless 30 minutes on the elliptical reading the post-election issue of The Economist (their understated, even-tempered British style is so appealing contrasted with breathless US media) followed by some stretching with more of those mini-vinyasa walkouts. I forgot I started a new training plan in my Nike app so I have another 30 minute bodyweight workout that I’ll have to fit in tonight if I want to keep current.

But tonight I am also baking cookies! My project has finally made it through the layers of bureaucracy that held it up so it’s going operational soon. I have two logs of World Peace Cookies in the freezer waiting for the occasion, so all the people who helped me shepherd this thing through are getting a stack. It’s the most effective way I have at my disposal to project manage without authority: I smile, I wheedle, I bribe with cookies to ensure that people make my project a priority– whatever it takes! They’re good cookies. I hope it works for the next time I need something done.

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1 Response to Shameless bribery (with cookies)

  1. Ooh I’d never thought of using the Nike app for workouts…maybe I should!

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