Not pregnant, just fat

I’m glad it’s Friday. This week has been nuts!

Yesterday was so nuts I forgot to blog my workout. It wasn’t special, just a half hour on the treadmill ("long run") in between everything else. I was tired, and my legs weren’t too happy with the run, but it got done.

Today, I did another one of those barbell complexes, with an addition of 10lb on the bar and a subtraction of good mornings. None of the articles I read made any mention of the part I’ve found the hardest: my hands! In the middle of the 4-rep set I had to put the bar down because my hands were ON FIAH. More effective than farmer’s carries, I guess! I could handle lifting more weight on the bar but I’m afraid that my hands would just crap out.

After the complex, I went through the first 30 minutes of the flexibility yoga video. It’s always nice when I "know" a practice, so I can go through it with just the audio cues.

Today, l a coworker asked when I was due. Ack. I think I might have slightly embarrassed him when I loudly said I wasn’t pregnant and started cracking jokes: "I know that’s like the next step after getting married, but I’m not there yet!" He claimed "someone" told him I was, so now I’m wondering if that’s true, and who else thinks I’m pregnant now… (not pregnant, just fat! all the time!)

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