Thanks for the pep talk

The last two days have involved early starts, late ends, uncertain schedules, and lots of walking all over town in the cold wearing uncomfortable fancy shoes (my steps yesterday were somewhere around 6 miles). I feel like I’ve been out of myself for a while! (The meeting was intense and actually very great in lots of different ways, but I’m tired!)

So today I’m back into my routine, but all drag-ass. I had 5x400m intervals on the schedule but my feet are all tired and I wasn’t sure I had it in me today. When I got to the locker room, though, I chatted with a woman who gave me a terrific pep talk– she reminded me that it was Friday and we survived the week and we could do the thing! Thanks to her I felt much more energized to go and tackle the treadmill.

So, 5x400m. After a 5 minute warmup, I got started running the intervals at 10’00" with 2 minute slow rest intervals between. It was pretty tough; those intervals felt very long. My sinuses are still inflamed (after like a month!) and breathing wasn’t as easy as I would’ve liked. But I finished all 5 intervals, stretched the barest amount, and decided I wanted to put a mat on the floor and lie on it for a bit. (This was glorious.) Then, shower and back to work…

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