Discomfort with discomfort

To help me keep motivated with my running training, I started a new plan in my Nike app, one called "get more fit". Okay, sounds good. Get more fit is a decent goal right? Well, after the lead-in week and last week (where I performed 1 of 4 workouts) it adjusted my pace goals and I’m like "wtf r u doin?"

Yesterday was a wee 1.25 mile "recovery run"– at 12’00" pace. I did it outdoors, and just barely managed that on the hills. I felt like someone had taken all my parts apart and put them back on wrong. It was not good, and I was grumpy about the pressure to do a fast (if short) run.

Today’s prescription was a 2 mile tempo run, at 30 seconds faster than my best 5k pace. That one got done on the treadmill, thank goodness. I struggled through the first mile, and then hit pause for a minute before continuing on. Ironically, the tracker underestimates my pace when I’m going faster than about 12’00", so I put in all that work to run fast for 2 miles and it still says I did it at 11’45". I should probably try to calibrate it.

Sorry guys, I hate talking pace numbers. This training plan is making me slightly nuts. On the one hand, the point of training is to get faster, and that takes speedwork. On the other hand, I never had a problem with being slow, and I feel like all these short, fast runs aren’t doing my endurance any favors, and someday it might be nice to feel like I can run through 7 miles of hills without wanting to throw myself into a ditch. I suppose learning to be massively uncomfortable for 20 minutes at a time will help with that…

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