hey, I’m still sick

You’d think that, 2 weeks in, this cold would be over and done with. Nope! I’m still going through kleenexes like crazy, and I only fall asleep when I can manage to stop coughing for 5 minutes.

Regardless, I’m back at the office and I decided to go to the gym. I mainly stuck with lifting, since there’s less lungs involved in that. It’s been a while and I kept it simple and fairly light: 3×10 bench @ 95lb, 3×5 squats @ 115lb, 3×10 OHP @ 45lb, 2×5 deadlifts @ 185lb.

After that, I felt like I could handle a run for a bit, so I set my tracker for 20 minutes, swapped shoes and hopped on the treadmill. 10 minutes in I was done, with a faucet for a nose and trying not to cough on the man running on the next treadmill. Oh well, it was something I guess.

Work is so quiet right now– I’m getting so much focused stuff done without everything/everyone from my many projects popping up. It’s great!

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3 Responses to hey, I’m still sick

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Happy New Year, G! I hope 2017 brings you everything you want, including the end to this cold.

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