New year’s yoga

2017’s been off to a somewhat rough start, but I fit in a quick yoga session this morning, putting on a nice YouTube practice and tacking a long shavasana onto the end. It was nice to take some time and breathe. We had people over for D&D today at noon and they stayed until 7:3opm– fun day, but a long one, making lunch and fussing over everyone.

After dinner with my husband’s family on NYE, we headed over to our friends’ house to spend the rest of the year. Now, my friend was on a mission to send 2016 out as drunkly as possible and unfortunately I went along with her and was a complete mess. Thankfully my husband took care of me and got me home without incident (apparently I really wanted to burn an effigy? eek) but it was a bad night and definitely not the way I wanted to greet 2017. (As far as the superstition that how the year starts reflects how it’s going to be, I don’t want to spend the year hungover…)

And yes, this is the same friend that I seem to get in trouble every time I drink with. I talked with her about it today a little. It’s ultimately my fault if I drink too much– she wasn’t pouring champagne into my mouth. But she seemed to feel pretty awful, and between the two of us we’re going to try to be better influences on each other.

Tomorrow I’m back to work, and back to the gym. I feel like I’ve been a lump for weeks– between being sick and traveling over the holidays I haven’t been exercising hardly at all! I’m looking forward to  getting back to it. And I need to put together my 2016 recap post…

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