begone, foul virus

Hooray! I seem to be finally back to full health today; my 35 minute run went as planned and I finished it without feeling like my lungs were exploding. For some reason my leg-backs are unhappy; maybe I overstretched my hamstrings doing yoga? After a mile they loosened up.

Speaking of yoga, after my run I did some sun salutations and lunges, which were nice. Maybe I should make January a Month of Yoga? It could happen…

Over the holidays I baked 3 of this gingerbread cake and all of them turned out great; it’s a bulletproof recipe. I made the last one with blackstrap molasses, melted butter instead of oil, and extra spices and ginger. The texture is rich, almost fudgey, and I enjoyed the last piece this morning microwaves with a bit of milk for breakfast.

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