new motto: Achievable > Perfection

Today’s workout plan was an ambitious "I’m going to run for 40 minutes!" but after getting started and realizing I was super run down I decided that 15 minutes of running and 25 minutes of brisk ellipticalling was a better plan. Achievable > Perfection.

So since I proposed making January the month of yoga, I found some youtube person who was doing short daily practices all month, so maybe I can stick with it (30 minutes is pretty doable).

Since I didn’t start on Jan 1, I began with day 4 last night, which was prana-themed– not my favorite. I really don’t care for yoga woo, and as soon as I heard the word "chakra" I was ready to turn it off, but I gave it a chance since it was only the first one. I can deal with ujjayi breath, but I got angry after 5 seconds of kapalabhati and lumped on the mat until it was done.

So my impressions from the practice went something like this:
1. I’m going to be ‘defined’ and ‘trim’ at the end of this month, eh? Wanna bet?
2. Oh hey, I’m hyperventilating.
3. It must be nice not to have thighs.
4. My hip flexors are going to hate me tomorrow.

Now, I did this first thing in the evening after my awful commute and before eating dinner, so I was probably kind of hangry, but despite being grumpy it wasn’t so bad. She spent a lot of time talking so it was probably only 20 minutes of doing stuff (though that 20 minutes was fairly intense). There were parts that were a little hard to follow along, and it would’ve been simpler if she’d have been more up-front about where she was going, i.e. saying the lunge was going to transition to lizard rather than trying to say where to put hands and feet.

I think I’ll try another one tonight, but I’m going to watch it first so there are fewer ‘you want me to do what now?’ surprises and I can anticipate any modifications I’m going to need to make. (There were so many comments asking for modifications with simple solutions like "use a block in your lunges"– there weren’t any offered during the practice.)

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