Yogi 2 joins the game

OMG you guys! My month of yoga has inspired my husband (I’ll call him Consort like I do else-social media) to try it too! This is a huge deal– he’s been watching me twist myself into pretzels for years now, but never expressed any interest. I’m super excited about this!

And after I checked out Jessamyn Stanley’s stuff yesterday (honestly I didn’t do much research; I read her awesome blog a bit, saw the description of her practices as “high energy vinyasa flow” and I was sold) I bought the beginner’s series “EveryBody Yoga” and started the first one with my husband beside me. The plan is 28 days in 4 focus areas – shoulders, hips, balance and core– with long and short sequences for each, and rest days (I’ll do something different for those days, but maybe Consort will skip).

Yesterday’s practice was shoulder openers. Nothing fancy, exactly “high energy vinyasa flow”; she moved pretty quickly, which led my newbie husband to get flustered a few times, and he did stop with about 10 minutes left to go, complaining of a sore foot after a some Warrior Is. I finished up the practice– he quit right before the vinyasas were done, so all he missed was some tasty seated work, really.

Today was a short revisit of the same thing, 15 rather than the full 35 minutes. I like this for a beginner’s series– going back for a quick recap the day after a longer practice helps get some energy to areas that might be sore, as well as reinforcing the muscle memory of the poses from the day before. I warmed up with a few sun salutations, my husband did some high kicks and martial arts warmups, and then we blazed through it.

I’m enjoying the different direction with fundamentals, and the fact that Consort came back for a second day probably means he didn’t hate it too much. He’s not used to yoga teacher patter, though, and complains that she talks too much. I don’t mind.

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