Easy, eh

Day (mumble) of Yoga January: off day, rest day, yin day.

Consort had some interesting observations about the practices so far: if the point of yoga is to work on flexibility and focus, why do they go so fast? If you want some cardio, why not go do some cardio? I felt so proud of him. :) I put on my teacher hat and explained that there are lots of kinds of yoga with different aims and that we can explore around if he’s curious.

For the rest day of the Everybody Yoga plan, I picked out Adriene’s intro to yin, to demo a different variety. Consort took the day off with a headache, but he hung out while I went through it. It was very basic but it was a nice, relaxing and supported practice, with the usual yin challenge of the looooooong poses. Consort said it looked really easy. I said he should give it a try and let me know.

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