Mixed-up twofer

Two workouts today! And they could not have been more different.

First, in the late morning: HIIT in my stairwell and living room. I live in a 2nd floor unit with a set of stairs and a door out on the ground level. Jumping around in the main part of the house means things wobble scarily, so I use the 3x3foot landing in front of the door to do my butt kicks, squats, step-ups (convenient! stairs are right there!) and save the mat stuff for upstairs. Today, though, the area by the drafty door was so cold my toes went numb. Anyway, I intended to set up 4 sets of 6 1 minute intervals (and planned it all out) but instead I set up 6 sets of 4. I guess running up the stairs to get to the mat for the next exercise is part of the workout.

In the evening, I prepared the yoga video. Consort was complaining of a headache, and I started setting up for just me, but then he was shoving furniture aside and grabbing a mat for himself. “There’s always something. If I make excuses all the time, I’ll never do anything.” (So proud!)

Today was hip openers with Jessamyn, a straightforward practice. Lots of sun salutations, lunges of various kinds, figure 4s, and wide squats. I enjoyed it, but Consort still says it’s too fast. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a beginner-level, very slow, break-it-down video I can use the next rest day? I think he just wants to get an idea of what the poses are supposed to look and feel like (and he really doesn’t want to have me demo them, I guess, though I’d be happy to).

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2 Responses to Mixed-up twofer

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I thought the yin video from yesterday was nice. The fast-moving practices are difficult for me too because I don’t know the poses, and it’s awkward trying to keep an eye on the television while in the pose, or catching the cue for the next change. I need something that says, “OK, we’re going to get ready to do lotus. Let’s count down to ten and then look up and see what the pose looks like.” Something like that.

    • G says:

      It’s nice to hang out in the poses a while too, just to give some time to play with all the different body pieces and see what works and what feels nice. In a lot of ways, these are harder than quick flow practices, where you can fudge the breath and whip the body around.

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