Power to fight the power

Running and hips work yesterday -> Upper body lifting and easy elliptical today. Everything below the waist is kaput! (Apologies to Madeline Kahn.) I went heavier and shorter with bench today, 3x5x115lb. I’m starting to think about this year’s powerlifting competition in a few months, and bench is one of the areas where I should be able to make some good progress, but that means hard work and lots of bench. The first step, though, is just to get it back to where it was last year.

I like to listen to some energetic music while I lift– often aggro metal or Nicki Minaj :)– but today was a Public Enemy day. These songs are 20 years old but they still feel awfully relevant. I’ve noticed my consumption of activist music is up lately. (And I need to go check out Chuck D’s new project Prophets of Rage now.)

This evening was a rest day on Jessamyn’s plan, so I found a super break-it-down beginner’s video and we went through it in all its slow glory. Despite her apparent resistance to props, Adriene does a nice job of explaining the foundations of the basic poses.

As Adriene was breaking down Warrior I, I looked over and my husband was standing there in the pose but with his fists at his waist ready to punch. He said, “I know this one.” Muscle memory from his martial arts days. I guess that’s why they call it Warrior…

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