Practice makes better

I’ve been on autopilot ever since I woke up this morning. My brain’s been foggy and a few cylinders short no matter how much coffee I drink. Not great, since I had like a billion tasks to get through today. However, it was great for banging out 3 miles in 36:22 on the treadmill. Brain in neutral, legs go (though I did find the will to sass a senate hearing on the tv). Nice and easy.

Yoga this evening was balance day, and it’s safe to say that it was not what I was expecting. Some sun salutations, lying big toe pose, other stuff, and then warrior -> triangle -> half moon pose. Half moon? In a beginners practice? Yikes! I remember the first time I tried half moon; it involved a good 10 minutes of explanation of how to set up, how to launch, how to align– and then it took me months of practice to get it really feeling right. Poor Consort got thrown into it, and spent as long as he could manage all collapsed in.

Have I mentioned that I’ve given up drinking entirely for this month? It was maybe 40% as a reaction to the morning of January 1 and 60% the realization that, as a child of an alcoholic among a family of alcoholics, it’s important for me to seriously think about how I might use drinking as a coping mechanism. It was surprisingly hard at first. I realized I thought of having a drink as entertainment and I kept getting bored not drinking, somehow. It’s getting a little easier, but I’m not looking forward to the weekend of the 20th.

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