Nice-smelling placebo effect

We’ve got plans this evening and it’s unlikely we’d get a home practice in, so I took my yoga to the gym today and did my favorite flexibility practice there. In hindsight, I should’ve picked something a little more complicated since I was working alone. Oh well, it was a plenty nice way to spend my gym time!

Today’s struggle is how (or if) to respond to people in my life that hold harmful anti-science views, and if that can be done from a place of caring rather than anger.

My cousin-in-law is highly involved in some essential oil pyramid scheme, and every facebook post and family event is full of talking about how great they all are. Usually I try to ignore it, since it’s mostly nice-smelling placebo effect, but her claims that the oils will do stuff like cure cancer drives me nuts. And it’s a waste of money for the people who buy them!

At the end of the day I really don’t want to be confrontational and call it snake oil to her face, but I wish folks would be do a little more research before believing the miraculous claims.

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