a discouraged yoga guide

I’m starting to wonder if I will ever be able to pick a yoga practice that my husband will enjoy. Granted, today I picked a practice that I enjoy and use regularly but the instructor is kind of annoying. Oh well, I tried. He quit after 15 minutes, and I did the entire 40 and it was as nice as it usually is.

Do I need to start googling “yoga for dudes”? Anyone out in blog land have suggestions/YouTube links? I’ve got half a month left to go and I’m getting kind of discouraged. I’m trying not to let it get to me and just keep going after he quits. At least he lets me finish before he complains.

Now he says, “Maybe yoga’s just not for me.” I still think that there must be some style out there that will appeal to him. I probably need to expand beyond the vinyasa style I’m most familiar with.

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4 Responses to a discouraged yoga guide

  1. Cansu Ashley says:

    Try a gentle hatha yoga style class. There are a lot of free videos on doyogawithme.com

  2. FD says:

    Maybe a yogi-lates style might work better? I struggle mentally with the pose holding elements of yoga, so my go to is a mish mash of pilates exercises and yoga poses. I found pilates easier as a beginner because it was easier to understand with the emphasis being on correctly moving from one shape to the next, not on the shapes. It was a bit more technical and less intuitive.

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