2016 in review

Well, plenty of ink has been devoted to discussing how crap 2016 was. Now I’m looking back at my own year, as documented by this blog, and maybe it wasn’t so bad. Notable highlight: getting married to my favorite person in the whole world! And there was some other good stuff in there too. (Also, can you believe I’ve been writing this blog since 2010? That’s like a thousand in blog years.)

January: Bought a bunch of (expensive) dive gear, then went on a trip to Florida and couldn’t get to diving because the weather sucked. Deep thoughts for this month: the Weight Room Panopticon, or how I internalized the male gaze.

February: The wedding crazy begins!! I start the training plan for my April race, and then work travel throws a wrench into that, but I’m walking 7+ miles a day so whatevs. Deep thoughts: Misophonia sucks.

March: Started off sick after the trip. Wedding dress shopping– eee! I start trying to do something about my crappy sleep; this goes on for months. And the toenail that got all crunky on my AT hike finally says goodbye— I know you all wanted to be reminded of that again. And I couldn’t run in the race I’d trained for, oh well. Deep thoughts: my partner doesn’t need to learn all the diet crap I know

April: Dive plans hosed, again. Started protes life. Lifted a ton and did HIIT for workouts (and quit HIIT classes in a rage). Signed up for a wee powerlifting comp, because why not? And surprise race!

May: Protes life turns into stupid keto life; ate weird stuff and cried a lot; weight didn’t change before the weigh-in anyway.  Got my Advanced Deep Water Diver cert, which involved camping and quarry diving(brr!) Rocked my first powerlifting comp with a 585lb total :)  And finally got that Florida dive trip in. Deep thoughts: thin ladies with muscle aren’t challenging beauty ideals.

June: Buff bride lifts like mad all month. And pees a little bit. The pool’s open so it’s time to start lap swims! More wedding crazy. Deep thoughts: damn gymspreaders.  

July: I destroy the weight room. Yet more wedding crazy. (We still have leftover wine around.) My mom stops talking to me for choosing a lesbian officiant. Pokemon Go gets my partner to go for a walk. Hooray, the dress fits! Swimming shuts up my squirrel brain, and I learn how to do flip turns. Deep thoughts: why do muscle diagrams of women have boobs?

August: Wedding month and I just barely keep my shit together; the gym is an area I can let slide. My mom gets over it, finally. My dad picks the world’s schlockiest father-daughter dance song. Our first dance song gets a custom edit from the band themselves, omg! And the big highlight: I got married and everyone turned out happy. 

September: I gained weight after quitting my stupid wedding diet, no surprise there. Started half-assedly training for the Turkey Trot with a different plan. Deep thoughts: work is driving me nuts.

October: Earplugs are a sleep miracle. I finished an afghan I started crocheting 15 years ago. More scuba gear, and a warning. Deep thoughts: Stop treating fat people as your workout inspiration!

November: We went on a backpacking trip and I’m not sure a good time was had by all. Election mourning set in. A nasty cold derailed my training, but I did all right in the Turkey Trot. Deep thoughts: my parents came to visit for a Blue State Thanksgiving.

December: I’m not pregnant, just fat. More feels about dark times ahead. And I got that awful 3 week flu at the end of the year so that pretty much wiped me out. Goodbye 2016, don’t let the door hit you.

So: here’s to a better 2017, one filled with fun and fitness. Cheers! Thanks for reading, everyone :)

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2 Responses to 2016 in review

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Great wrap up! Thank goodness for blogging, it’s the only way I keep track of my life. And not to steal your thunder, but I’ve been doing it since 2003 :-D

    LOL the muscle diagram with boobs. I must have missed that post because I’m sure I would have commented! Here’s an idea: why not have ONE muscle poster, a female version, and just tell the men, “You have exactly the same muscles, so you can use this poster too.”

    • G says:

      2003! I think I was still back on Livejournal then.

      I mention that in the post, actually– I was talking to some guys who were absolutely gobsmacked that when I lifted, I did all the lifts they did in the exact same way, minus a bit of ROM at the chest (thanks boobs). Same muscles guys!

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