Overstretched rubber bands

Well, I started researching some different yoga styles and Iyengar caught my eye, since it’s focused on alignment and props. This practice was instructed by a dude (dude yoga) and I appreciated the basic poses with constant cues to keep my alignment, and the props ensured extra comfort in a lot of poses. Consort still quit after 10 minutes, though. His wrists are bugging him, which is a yoga hard stop. My ankles and feet are a little twingey today after sitting in virasana for what felt like forever– it’s not a pose I often do, and I needed like 2 blankets and a block under my bum to get the barest amount of comfort.

Today, by myself, back to Jessamyn for a core practice. I was expecting boat pose and plank holds. Those weren’t in there, but there was bird dog, chair and dolphin, along with more half moon and warrior 3. Dolphin is hard :(

I’m only half way through Yoga January, but I’m starting to feel a little tired and overstretched in places. When I started, my hamstring was unhappy at its upper attachment at my groin, and a zillion forward folds and down dogs haven’t helped at all. In fact, the quadratus lumborum that I injured a while ago is now talking to it in a bad way. It’s probably time to do some nice restorative practice for a couple days.

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