Twingey all over

Sometimes when I don’t know what to do with myself I just default to getting on the treadmill and running. That was today’s workout, 3 miles with a couple short walking breaks for my twingey left knee and right legbutt, just under 38 minutes. Stretching afterward included some nice side bendy stuff aimed at my also twingey QL. Twingey all over, that’s me.

In the evening, I followed up on a tip from commenter Cansu and headed over to DoYogaWithMe for a Yin practice that my husband joined me for all of. Lots of seated folds– it seemed quite lovely in the moment, and it was very soothing, but now I’m slightly concerned about my twingey hamstrings after spending a while in the poses. This is starting to remind me of the time when I was convinced the cure for my sore shoulder was more chaturangas (that was not the case, it turns out, I just needed some rest). Not sure how I’m going to avoid more seated and forward folds in Yoga January.

Anyway, now I’m sleepy, so it’s time to pack up tomorrow’s lunch and get my gym bag together and turn on the coffeepot timer and go to bed.

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