Moving with Intention

Things got busy, and I took a little break from Yoga January on Friday and Saturday, but I’m back doing lap 2 with Jessamyn today, shoulder openers. The break didn’t seem to help my angry hamstring at all. I was hoping it would have… but when the forward folds started Hamu was like “NOPE” Almost to the end of the month…

Yesterday wasn’t much of a break: I was marching. It was an amazing, intense experience being on the National Mall, raising my voice and standing in solidarity. I was so thankful for my body’s support that day, moving me through the streets and holding my sign high (yes!shoulders and arms stacking up!) and taking good care of me in uncomfortable conditions. There was great energy in the crowd and I’m looking forward to keeping it moving.

It’s also a good feeling that a lot of the discussion after the march is about how to ensure that the movement stays intersectional, that it’s not centered on middle-class white women. Someone said that the marches were only made possible because the BLM movement has paved the way for modern large-scale activism– and I saw that yesterday, so much of the work, the real, tough veteran work, was done by POC. Part of the challenge is that there are so many issues on folks’ minds, but they worked hard on a broad platform and refused to put “nice white ladies” at the middle of it.

So yeah! After the march, time to stay engaged and keep acting up!

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