Hamstrings have had enough

After today’s yoga practice (short sequence of shoulder openers; I was pleasantly surprised how much my range of motion there had improved since yesterday) I found myself googling “yoga for hamstring injury”. I think I’ve finally decided, after tormenting myself doing forward bends all month, that it’s time to re-think my strategy.

Unfortunately according to my research the “sore butt” or upper attachment point strain is common injury and a slow-to-heal one. Most of the recommendations center around strengthening the hamstring. My first thought was, “meh forget doing locust and bridge pose, I’m going straight to hamstring curls” but the lower attachment point is what bends the knee, I need to strengthen the connection between the glutes and the hamstring at the upper attachment point– once it cools off.

I feel like I’m lucky to have caught this at a lightly injured stage. It hurts enough now, but I can move. So the rest of Yoga January will be thinking about honoring my body by helping it heal through rest and gentle movement. This website looks like a good place to start.

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2 Responses to Hamstrings have had enough

  1. stephieann8 says:

    Is there yoga for a arthritic knee! This boot camp I joined is killing me

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