What do you do if you want a workout but you want to rest everything in the legs? Upper body lifting. Will I be able to lift my arms tomorrow? Not sure.

  • Bench – 5x(115, 120, 125, 125, 115) lb
  • OHP – 5x65lb
  • Upright rows (Smith machine) – 5x(bar+30lb)
  • Bent-over rows – 5x65lb
  • Cable bicep curls – 2x10x37.5
  • Cable wood chops – 2x10x42.5, each side
  • Cable tricep pushdowns – 2x10x42.5
I started up my wood chops, looked over and saw that there were 2 people on the other side of the room also doing wood chops on the other, larger cable machine. We all laughed. Wood chops for everyone!
In the evening I went through Stage 2 of that hamstring injury practice I linked yesterday. It definitely warmed the area up, and bringing my attention to my breath and body totally counts as a day in Yoga January.
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