Who’s fit for resistance

Just a little yogas today. I tried something new, and I’m actually not sure it’s yoga. We’ll say it counts. Has anyone out there tried Somatic Yoga? It might just be this guy making it up. Anyway, after he shilled for his videos and retreats a bit, it was an interesting practice– there were plenty of places where I said to myself, huh, I never thought to move like that. It was a gentle but really nice shoulder and upper back opener. Maybe I’ll try another one of his vids later; it’d be nice to get the same benefits for the legparts.

After the march yesterday, my friends and I were on the train complaining about being sore and tired after standing around in the cold for hours. We all agreed we should definitely work on getting in better shape for the resistance. It’s strange how this feeling of impending doom is affecting us all.

I originally commented about it over on this blog post, but I’ve been thinking about how we can make protest better accessible to folks with physical disabilities. Like the Women’s March on the Mall was really unfriendly– it was muddy grass and terribly crowded and loud and chaotic– and how many people wanted to go but it just wasn’t accessible for them? And especially with the ACA repeal going forward, the people who will be the most affected by these really crap policies are also the ones who might have a tough time getting to marches and public protests.

So yeah, I’ve been thinking about whose voices we might not see in public activism and how we can ensure that their voices still get lifted up in these spaces.

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