Hello, February

Hello, February! The date means two things:

1. Yoga January is done! Yesterday’s practice of a different Gentle Somatic Yoga video was my last compelled practice. (It was actually pretty nice, though I did my own shavasana at the end to avoid the high levels of woo. But my shoulders have come down from my ears a bit.) It was a decent experience overall and I got to experience a few different styles of yoga, though the overuse injury in my hamstring leads me to believe that everyday yoga is not for me. And honestly, the best way to take the fun out of something is to say "You Must Do This Every Day, Whether You Want To Or Not."

2. Teetotaler January is also done! Now I need to work on viewing drinking as an occasional indulgence, and avoiding those long days of slow drinking.

This morning was a fit-it-in morning but my train wasn’t late (for once) and I was able to get in a full round of upper body lifts: bench, bent-over row, biceps, triceps, and cable woodchops. When I arrived, a man was finishing up his bench set with 125lb on the bar. I saw him start to unload the bar and said, "Hey, you can just leave that," since it was the same weight I needed. It’s always a little bit amusing; dudes are either amazed or annoyed that I’m about to lift the same as they just did. Anyway, I managed 3×5 at 125lb and then did 2×5 more at 115lb.

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