Super Bowl prep

I’m still feeling loafy, and decided that I’d feel better about Commercial Extravaganza Sunday if I had a nice workout today. (A group of us are descending on my husband’s folks’ house for chili and snacks. I’m bring homemade coffee ice cream from the Jeni’s cookbook I got for Christmas.)

It’s still cold though; running wasn’t in the cards. So I did 3o minutes of indoor leg and core HIIT and followed that up by dragging myself out for about 45 minutes of sweaty walk. The leg intervals consisted of butt kicks, weighted step-ups and squats; the core intervals were situps, leg raises, clamshells, jackknifes, pushups and planks. It sucked. I should do HIIT more often. It took me a while walking to cool down and stop being a woozy mess, but eventually my body sorted it out and I enjoyed the rest.

Remember how, after the Women’s March, I was musing about how to ensure that protests are accessible? I found some guidelines here. Check them out and insist on accessibility when you organize your next action!

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